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Interior Mission Style Doors


M44 BF 2-DR

M44 BF 4-DR


M20 BF 2-DR

M20 BF 4-DR


M82 BF 2-DR

M82 BF 4-DR


M33 BF 2-DR

M33 BF 4-DR


M30 BF 2-DR

M30 BF 4-DR


M55 BF 2-DR

M55 BF 4-DR


Mission Style Interior Door Specifications

Species/Grade: Douglas Fir/Select or Standard; Oak/Select; Hemlock/Standard; Knotty Pine.
Sizes: 1' 0" Thru 3' 0 X 6' 8", 7' 0", 8' 0".
Thickness: 1-3/8"
Stile Widths: 1-3/8"
Top Rail: 4-1/2"
Intermediate Rail: 4-1/2" where applicable
Lock Rail: 7-1/2" (M82 & M44)
Bottom Rail: 9 1/4"
Flat Panel Thickness: 1/4"

Mission Style Bi-Fold Door Specifications

Species: Douglas Fir; Oak; Hemlock or Knotty Pine.
Grade: Standard, with designated face and back. Oak, Select Only.
Thickness: 1-3/8"
Stile Widths: 2"
Top Rail: 3-1/2"
Intermediate Rail: 4-1/2" where applicable
Lock Rail: 7-1/2" (M82 & M44)
Bottom Rail: 9-1/4"
Width: 1/4" under nominal.
2-Door: 2' 0", 2' 6", or 3' 0"
4-Door: 4' 0", 5' 0", or 6' 0"
Height: 6'7"
Flat Panel Thickness: 1/4"

Wood Species

Knotty Alder - 6 Panel Door

A strong, straight-grained relative of the birch family. Beautiful hues of light brown range from golden yellow to a reddish tinge -- with knots in between. Adds an air of comfort and stability to the home.


Cherry - 6 Panel Door

The heartwood of cherry varies from a rich red to a reddish brown -- and darkens with age. The wood has a fine, satin smooth texture. A statement of quality for any home.


Maple - 6 Panel Door

Hard Maple has been a favorite of American furniture makers since Colonial days. It is a classic in any period home. Natural maple has an appealing variety of grain patterns.

Mahogany - 6 Panel Door

Mahogany is the king of cabinet woods. Over the years it darkens to an unsurpassed deep, glowing red as seen in rich museum furniture andthe finest homes.

Oak - 6 Panel Door

The Latin name for oak, Quercus, means "a fine tree". It also makes a fine door. Oak is an American icon or strength, beauty and durability.


Knotty Pine - 6 Panel Door

Knotty Pine's unmistakable character brings rustic charm and comfort to any dwelling. Color varies from creamy white to pale straw, with contrasting growth rings of red to reddish-orange.


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